Roles Edit

Main Characters Edit

Frisk - ☀Corly

Chara - ☀Raytaygirl

Flowey/Asriel - D.J. Flamewolf

Toriel - TBA

Sans - TheBiggestFanOfUndertaleEVER

Papyrus - TheHomieFriskyBitz11

Undyne - ☀JuicyLovesMC

Alphys - Kkcantgetright17

Asgore - Midnight From Ditlor

Mettaton - ☀MTT AU maker

Side/Unused Charaters Edit

Gaster - TBA

Grandpa Semi - TBA

Monster Kid - TBA

Napstablook - TBA

Shyren - TBA

Grillby - TBA

Muffet - TBA

Special Ememy Temmie - TBA

Shopkeeper Temmie - TBA

Normal Temmie's - TBA

So Sorry - TBA

How To Get A Role Edit

Ask In The Comments.

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