Physical Appearance Edit

Muffet in Medievaltale is played by TaBa (TheBiggestFanOfUndertaleEVER). Her appearance is a mix of TaBa's original appearance (look at the page Sans/Tumbled Eternity) and the original Underkeep Muffet. TaBa looks like a skeleton-spider hybrid. Her head has eight eye sockets on it; the top row of eyes is pitch black, but the bottom row is a dark pink. Her black braid is curved into a teacup shape, and it rests on top of her head. The top part of her dress is made of light pink silk with grey stripes and puffy velvet light pink sleeves. The skirt of her dress is made up of three layers; the top layer is made up of huge velvet silver bows, the middle layer is made of black silk, and the bottom layer is made of silver silk. She wears dark blue velvet boots on her feet, and dark blue silk gloves on each hand. TaBa has one skeletal arm sticking out of each sleeve, so she has six arms in total.

Personality & Lifestyle Edit