Victoria is the Self-Setttale version of Papyrus. She wants to prove to Undyne that she's tough enough to join the Royal Guard.



While very sweet, caring and motherly to those that like her, she is menacing, violent and cold to those that question her or dislike her, making her very Fell-Papyrus-like. She would never harm her friends, but she admits that she would dust monsters for fun. She takes into context the statement "The more you kill, the more you distance yourself. You make it easier to kill again.". She, under no circumstances, would dream of hurting Sans. She views herself highly, showing narcissism. She has admitted to being slightly insane.


Since she is a cyborg, she is half human and half robot. She has copper hair, which she cut short. Her cyborg parts are her right arm and right half of her face. She has fair skin and freckles. She has one red human eye and a glowing red robot eye.

She wears a red T-shirt, a dark grey skirt, black boots and black gloves. During her date, she puts on a red hoodie, dark grey pants and black sneakers. She is also wearing her date outfit during Alphys's date.

Her robotic arm is red and resembles Tord's from Eddsworld. Her robotic half of her face is faded mahogany and has a glowing red eye.


  • She's based heavily off of Tord since, I'll admit, I'm obsessed.
  • Her SOUL is orangish yellow, the color of Courage, and is corrupted from her kills.
  • She took or her own arm and scarred her face because she wanted a challenge.
    • Before then, she was a human. She became a cyborg during the war. She was considered a monster because of her robotic enhancements.
      • She states that she was a monster before her enhancements, but not the kind of monster people think.
  • She doesn't kill the protagonist because her LV is already almost at its peak.
  • Her favorite song is "A Harrowing Affair" and her least favorite song is "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows".