PlayerTale is a Self-Insert AU where users from the Wiki replace the Undertale characters. There are rules to follow:
  2. NO fighting amongst each other in the comments!!
  3. There's no Rule 3.
  4. NO swearing in the comments!!
  5. If you have a role, you have 7 days to make a page. If you haven't made a page by then, your role will be up for grabs again.
  6. Make a page with CONTENT!!! Here's an example on how you should NOT make a page: Chara/Rptale. No. Just no. No to all. Here's an example of how you SHOULD make a page: Aaron/UTAUWikiTale.
  7. You must have a picture on your page! If you can't make a sprite yourself, either edit a preexisting one of the character you want, draw it on paper, or ask someone to make it for you.
  8. You may only have 1 role!!
  9. No Shipping Sans with Toriel; this is a thread where TorGore is canon.
  10. Follow these rules and you'll be okay. If you break any of the above rules...

Roles Edit

  • Frisk: Cinder05030:)
  • Chara: PanGerry
  • Asriel/Flowey: AskGus
  • Sans: PatrickPunMaster
  • Papyrus: Chara Cookie
  • Toriel: Createsans
  • Asgore: Kkcantgetright78
  • Alphys: GoldenDust66
  • Undyne: N1xol5
  • Annoying Dog (Toby): JammerjamjamX
  • Monster Kid: DoomyBoy
  • Nice Cream Guy: Obsd ultimate
  • Dummy: TBA
  • Froggit: TBA
  • Whimsun: TBA
  • Moldsmal: TBA
  • Napstablook: UndertaleTrash3
  • Loox: TBA
  • Migosp: TBA
  • Vegetoid: TBA
  • Parsnik: TBA
  • Moldessa: TBA
  • Migospel: TBA
  • Snowdrake: TBA
  • Chilldrake: TBA
  • Ice Cap: TBA
  • Gyftrot: TBA
  • Glyde: TBA
  • Jerry: TBA
  • Doggo: TBA
  • Dogamy: TBA
  • Dogaressa: TBA
  • Greater Dog: TBA
  • Grillby: RainTheGame
  • Lesser Dog: TBA
  • Snowdin Shopkeeper: TBA
  • Aaron: TBA
  • Woshua: TBA
  • Moldbygg: TBA
  • Shyren: TBA
  • Bob The Temmie: 6DragonSlayer9
  • Temmie: Poudretteite The Aristocrat
  • Gerson: TBA
  • Tem Shop owner: TBA
  • W. D. Gaster: Fusionx963
  • River Person: TBA
  • Mad Dummy: TheNitroFlamer
  • Mettaton: Faxs The Skeleton
  • Vulkin: TBA
  • Tsunderplane: TBA
  • Pyrope: TBA
  • Muffet: Corly
  • Royal Guard 01: TBA
  • Royal Guard 02: TBA
  • So Sorry: Raytaygirl
  • Bratty: TBA
  • Catty: TBA
  • Burgerpants: TBA
  • Final Froggit: TBA
  • Whimsalot: TBA
  • Astigmatism: TBA
  • Madjick: TBA
  • Knight Knight: TBA
  • Memoryhead: TBA
  • Reaper Bird: TBA
  • Endogeny: TBA
  • Lemon Bread: TBA
  • Snowdrake's Mother: TBA
  • Gaster Follower 1: TBA
  • Gaster Follower 2: TBA
  • Gaster Follower 3: TBA
  • Goner Kid: TBA

Those Unable to JoinEdit

People who CAN'T join:

  • Cameronthedarksoul
  • Those who aren't registered users