Physical Description Edit

TheBiggestFanOfUndertaleEVER, TaBaFOUE, or TaBa, is the "Sans" in A Tumbled Eternity. She lives in Snowdin with FriskyBitz, just like the original Sans. She wears a light pink hoodie, a grey t-shirt, black leggings with a silver stripe down each side, and dark blue slippers. Her eyes are normally white, but they glow pink when she's fighting. She has a single black braid that lays down the middle of her skull and back like a long, flat mohawk.

Personality & Lifestyle Edit

TaBa is an easy-going and lazy skeleton. She likes to lay around all day and eat french fries, which she keeps in her jacket at all time. She also enjoys hanging out with her brother, FriskyBitz. TaBa is also very smart, because she reads science, math, language arts, and robotics textbooks in while lying around. She is working on a robot exoskeleton in her secret lab, just in case she or FriskyBitz has to fight a tough enemy. When TaBa is really angry or nervous, her eyes will flicker pink. When she is happy, they will continually glow pink.

Attacks Edit

TaBlasters - Pink Gaster Blasters. Function the same as normal ones. They can be as big as TaBa, or as small as your soul. The small ones are much faster.

Telekenisis - TaBa can throw you around with her pink magic. This attack makes you dizzy, and it makes it harder to dodge TaBa's other attacks.

TaBones - They form mazes for you to race through. If you get hit, you have to go back to the beginning of the maze and do it all over again.

Bone Shards - During a genocide route, as a last resort, TaBa will break off pieces of herself and throw them at you.

The Three Routes Edit

Pacifist Route Edit

During the Pacifist Route, TaBa will not attack you. She will chat with you and make puns as you go through FriskyBitz's puzzles. You can find her selling french fries in Hotland, where she will stack about twenty piles onto your head.