This is a Self-Insert AU for the AU Soultale. You can claim a role in the comments (or on Raytaygirl's wall) and you can choose any soul for your character.

Roles Edit

Frisk - Raytaygirl

Chara - D.J. Flamewolf

Flowey/Asriel - Wiki Temmie

Napstablook -

Toriel - Yourlittlevaporeon

Sans - Midnight from DITLOR

Papyrus - JuicyLovesMC

Monster Kid - TheBiggestFanOfUndertaleEVER

Undyne -

Alphys - Undercraftfangirl

Mettaton - Fuhuhuhuhu

Asgore -

Vulkin -

Glyde -

Nice Cream Guy -

Burgerpants -

Bratty -

Catty -

RG1 -

RG2 -

Snowdin Shopkeeper -

Icecap -

TsunderePlane -

Shyren -

Aaron -

Dummy -

Mad Dummy -

Temmie A - DariusRocks

Temmie B -

Temmie C -

Bob - Kkcantgetright17

Hives Temmie -

Egg Temmie -

Shopkeeper Temmie -

Annoying Dog - GumdropWonders

Muffet -

Gerson -

Goner Kid - Corly

Gaster - MickRunner

I will add more later! If there's a role I didn't add please tell me and/or claim it in the comments.

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