Note: This is an Au only for people who can make Battle and Overworld sprites, so if you cant do one of those, dont even ask for a role, OCs are also allowed! Also Ask for roles in the comment section.

Long ago, Two Human races Ruled over the Internet, GAMERS and SPRITERS. One day, Drama broke out between the two races, Causing a war. After a week of war, The GAMERS won and Sealed the SPRITERS into the Wikia's. Many months Later..... "MOUNT ASEPRITE 20X4". Legends say whoever climbs the mountain never return. . . . .

Roles Edit

  • Frisk = N/A
  • Chara = James
  • Flowey = AskCastellar
  • Toriel = N/A
  • Napstablook = N/A
  • Sans = Doodle Fox
  • Papyrus = Midnight from DITLOR
  • Nicecream Guy = N/A
  • Undyne = N/A
  • Alphys = N/A
  • Mettaton = Raytaygirl
  • Burgerpants = N/A
  • Asgore = N/A
  • Asriel = N/A
  • Gaster = Bone Apetit
  • (OC) = Evan
  • Justice!Soul = N/A
  • Integrity!Soul = N/A
  • Bravery!Soul = N/A
  • Perseverance!Soul = Creative!Soul
  • Kindness!Soul = Caring!Soul
  • Patience!Soul = N/A

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