Wikiaswap-AU, Created by Папурус Папирус. A Feature of au is that instead of Mouse Cursors logos from other websites are used as souls.

History AU: Edit

Once upon a time two races lived on the wikia:

Fandom Users and Particapants And one day a war broke out between the two races after a long battle the fandom users won the war and used a magical block spell to trap the Particapants in the Wikiaground.

Roles of AU: Edit

  • Annoying dog - Undercraftfangirl
  • Sans - TheNitroFlamer
  • Asriel/Flowey - FDlleo
  • Papyrus - Natilie system
  • Spiders - the words
  • Toriel - GoldenDust66
  • Gaster - Snowpanther
  • Napstablook - Kzrockstar
  • Grillby - Ipbunpak1
  • Asgore - Fax The Skeleton
  • Temmie - Kkcantgetright78
  • Muffet - AskGus
  • Alphys - 1WikiConstructionTemmie1
  • Mettaton - Createsans
  • Endogeney - Папурус Папирус
  • Undyne - JuicyLovesMC
  • Nice Cream Guy - 6DragonSlayer9
  • Monster Kid - Kkcantgetright78
  • Asriel - Rockstarherobrine
  • Dummy - PanGerry
  • RG 1 - KittyKittenton

All other roles are free.

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